Queen N. Bate completed her master’s degree in Advanced School of Mass Communication (ASMAC) in 2022 with the presentation of her project “Communication of the National Museum: Study of Media, Museum transmitting Information to the Public “ under the supervision of Pr. Narcisse Ekongolo Makake. The team of Camersic-infos gives her the floor to present her project.

Museums are generally communication sites that is to say, museums do not just keep objects, they keep them in order to communicate them to the public and without this communication, there is no museum. The National Museum in Yaounde is not an exception to this role. Museum communication is very important in every society because it helps to tell the history or story of that society through its collections. The National Museum is doing a good job as far as museum communication is concerned but they have to implement better communication systems in order to give the museum a front seat in the media.

In the past, museums were mostly private collections that were only accessible to a narrow circle of people. They displayed rare and curious natural objects and artifacts. Due to the fact that museums in the past conserve their knowledge and did not communicate with the public, most of their history and culture got lost and forgotten. Reason why museums have to effectively communicate with the public in order to share their story with the public through their exhibitions. The absence of tools which can permit visitors worldwide to visit the National Museum online without necessarily coming to the museum is a great handicap to the National Museum.

Modern day museums all over the world have been modified in order to make them increasingly media-like. The National Museum have to improve on its communication by making use of all the different communication technologies and means existing in the world today such as advertisements, brochures, magazines etc. They also have to make use of all the social media platforms by flooding them with some pictures and videos of the riches that are found in the National Museum since everything today happens on social media. This will help to increase the number of visitors visiting the National Museum on daily basis.

By Queen N. Bate


Chancelin Wabo

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